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This portal contains a wide range of technical, legislative, stylistic and product-related guidance materials for outdoor design professionals. If you have any further questions about designing outdoor spaces, please do let us know.

I am having a firepit built. What is the minimum space allowable underneath the millboard decking bearing in mind that the surface will not be walked on to any extent.

Asked by: patricia williams Read Now

can i use your product as a cladding for a house as well as for decking? Thank you

Asked by: jenni Read Now

Hi, We are next month having a millboard deck put down in the enchanced grain (we are using one of your recommended fitters). He is going to make us a fence out of the millboard that is probably about 1.5 foot high. Do you have any images you could send me of this type of thing that has been previously made out of Millboard I am finding it hard to visualise, se are going for the Oak coloured with a black edging and it is quite a large area. Thank you so much for your help. Kind Regards. Caroline

Asked by: Caroline Smith Read Now

I've heard of a range of different balustrades, what would you recommend?

Asked by: John Read Now

How deep should my concrete base be?

Asked by: Barry Read Now

When designing a deck area in a public space which has a requirement for a couple of steps, to be compliant with DDA Part ‘M’, there is a need to achieve a distinctive colour contrast to the edge of the step treads. Is it possible to do this with Millboard products?

Asked by: Clive Read Now

When considering garden design and learning disability, what sensory recommendations could be incorporated into a garden design?

Asked by: Jane Read Now

How do I match planters to the decking area?

Asked by: Tom Read Now